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Big Moose Home Inspections offers thorough basement inspection services for Michigan and North Wisconsin homes. The basement can tell a home inspector a lot about the condition of the home, and by inspecting your basement once a year, you can protect your basement and reduce the risk of damage from issues like mold growth, flooding, and termite infestation. 

Basement Inspections in Michigan and North Wisconsin

A basement inspection provides homeowners with invaluable insight as to the overall condition of a home. Some of the worst issues to find in a home, such as mold and foundation problems, show themselves in the basement. An issue found in the basement can also indicate a problem in a different area of the home. 

Certified Big Moose Home Inspections home inspectors are trained to identify the root of the issue, allowing them to offer permanent solutions to underlying problems. Whether the basement inspection reveals water damage, moisture issues, or mold, our Michigan property inspection team has the experience and knowledge to provide a solution.

Big Moose Home Inspections Basement Inspections

We’ve been serving both commercial and residential customers throughout Michigan and North Wisconsin for over 16+ years. For service you can trust, schedule your basement inspection with Big Moose Home Inspections. Give us a call at 800-531-0233, and we’ll provide you with a free inspection quote!

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