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Infrared Scan for Home Inspections

Our inspectors do an infrared scan home review to look for moisture, air pollution, and electrical hotspots and see whether there are any problems.
An inspector could, for example, run hot water in an upstairs bathroom before scanning the drywall below.

  • Leaking Air Ducts
  • Electrical Hotspots on the Main
  • Panel and other areas of the house
  • Active moisture leaks.
  • Potential Insulation issues

We are CRT certified! 

The team at Big Moose Home Inspections is CRT trained and certified!  CRT is the Certified Residential Thermographer training so that we can properly identify all the issues that our Infrared technology can uncover to make sure you are buying an above-board home!

What Infrared Scan Reveals

We use an infrared scan to find active moisture leakage and overheating electrical objects that aren’t apparent to the naked eye. Missing insulation in places, heat/cool energy leakage at duct work, registers, window/door air penetration, and evidence of moisture entry are all things that may be discovered through the correct usage of a Thermal Infrared system.

How we use infrared in our Home Inspections.

Find hidden water from plumbing leaks and other sources in walls, ceilings, floors:

  • Document Working Appliances.
  • Find uninsulated walls and ceilings.
  • Find “HOT” electrical circuits.
  • Find infestations, Ants,
  • Termites, Bees & other vermin.

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