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New Construction Inspections

A home inspection should always be considered – even for newly-constructed homes. A Big Moose Home Inspections new construction inspection gives Michigan and North Wisconsin homeowners peace of mind by providing invaluable insight as to the overall condition of a home. 

If you’re purchasing a newly constructed home, never pass up a thorough home inspection. Human error is always a factor, and it’s very possible mistakes were made throughout the construction process. New construction inspections can tell you how well the home was constructed, as well as give you the opportunity to prevent future damage and expensive repairs. 

New Construction Inspections in Michigan

Big Moose Home Inspections has been providing new construction inspections for over 16+ years. When inspecting new homes, we often come across a variety of underlying issues. 

Some of the common issues we find in new homes include:

  • Overheating electrical switches
  • Leaking plumbing 
  • Malfunctioning heaters and air conditioners
  • Unfinished appliance installations
  • Water heater and hot water issues
  • Irregular installations
  • Mold

The experienced inspectors at Big Moose Home Inspections have the knowledge to perform your new construction inspection with accuracy and efficiency, and our unmatched customer service lets you enjoy your exciting home-buying journey to the fullest! 

Expert New Construction Inspections with Big Moose Home Inspections

We understand that purchasing a home is a major investment, and we believe you should know everything you can about the home before making a commitment. A new construction inspection allows you to be proactive about your home purchase! Call Big Moose Home Inspections today for your free inspection quote.

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