Most Common Signs Your Roof is Leaking

Most Common Signs Your Roof is Leaking for Greater Michigan

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Michigan’s Most Common Signs Your Roofing is Leaky

Lots of homeowners are concerned about the condition of their roofing. Leaks may be hard to identify and to fix. Utilize this article to spot the most frequent symptoms of roofing leaks.

Common Causes of Roofing and Gutter Leaks

  • Missing shingle repair: You should fix roofing leaks caused by blown-away, shattered, or dated shingles.
  • Wind damage: The Michigan thunderstorms can stop the most resilient roofs. You can hitness torn away shingles, and holes stemming from falling trees.
  • Hail damage: Medium hail can pop holes in your shingles. If you suspect hail damage to your roof, have it inspected
  • High wind repair: When the wind ramps up, your home roofing will suffer damage. You can fix your wind damaged Michigan roof, as if nothing happened.
  • Insurance paid damage: You should team up with your home insurance company to assist with your repairs
  • Shoddy install work. Hanging shingles, roofing substrate, and aluminum flashing around complex areas in your roof like extending pipes and chimneys is detail-oriented work. When your previous repair was ineffective by less expert roofers, your home’s leaking roof might be the result.
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