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Why Move With Big Moose?

Choose Big MooseThere are many home inspection companies.  What makes us different?

  1. Experience.  Our inspectors have a wide range of experience. Their knowledge of building construction in new and old homes is exceptional. They can explain the different aspects of the home in layman terms and can easily distinguish between a major repair and something you can fix yourself.
  2. People Skills. Unlike some, our inspectors ask you to walk along with them and to ask questions.  Our goal is that you understand how your home works, how to maintain it, and how to keep it improving in value.  If you want technical details, we’ll give it.  If you just want the big picture, that’s okay, too.  We’ll also try to keep it interesting, including a little history of architecture, building practice, and even tell you the story of how we picked our Big Moose name.
  3. Ethical Excellence. We learned long ago the basic principles of good service.  These principles are as old as ancient history, and have long been condensed into a simple expression: the Golden Rule.  Treat others as you would like to be treated. It’s that simple.  We keep our appointment book filled by treating people respectfully, and by doing the best job in the business.
  4. Problem Solving. We have been troubleshooting problems in homes for many years. Often homeowners need help with things like comfort concerns, window condensation, foundation drainage, moisture in the attic, high gas bills or electric use. Our team is equipped with the experience and skills necessary to diagnose and propose solutions to these problems and more.
  5. Thinking Ahead. It is our goal that every Big Moose client becomes a client for life.  We would like to be the home inspection company you think of when you or someone you know is in need of a home inspection. Even if you have a question about your home, think of us as an unbiased resource.  You’re welcome to call or email any time, for any reason.  We hope you’ll think of Big Moose Home Inspections as just the beginning of a great relationship because when confidence matters… Big Moose delivers.

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